Sunday, May 11, 2008

Absence From Blogging....Passover and Yom Ha'Shoah

I haven't blogged since Passover. It has not been for lack of thinking about it. What happened was.......I had a BIG idea, something I really wanted to write about......except, when I sat down to write it, I didn't.

Fortunately, I have had some time to mull over my excuses and LEARN. Here's what I learned......

If an idea is uncomfortable and painful, it's worth addressing.

If you think you are unworthy of speaking about something, not only are you wrong, but it's precisely the reason you should speak.

If a project seems too big, break it into smaller pieces and START.

The thing worse than imperfect writing is NO writing.

As stated at the end of my Passover post, what I wanted to write about was the connection between Passover and Yom Ha'Shoah.


Yom Ha'Shoah is a "holiday" of relatively recent vintage. Essentially, it is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here is the Wikipedic version I never was too aware of it, but during the past few years I have attended Yom HaShoah programs. The last two years I attended programs at the Brandeis Association, a Jewish lawyers group in Queens. Both years they had speakers talking about the dismantling of the German legal system as a prelude to the Holocaust. This year, a professor showed a documentary "Hitler's Courts" documenting how Hitler realized that a vital step in the genocidal process was to eliminate civil rights by co-opting the Courts and the Judges. Fascinating material, and timely, considering that the presentation provoked a spirited discussion about respect for the "rule of law" as it applies to Guantanamo. This was three weeks before the Supreme Court ruling on the legal rights of the Guantanamo prisoners.

Yom HaShoah follows soon after Passover. On Passover we are directed to tell and retell the story of the exodus from Egypt, from slavery to freedom. There is emphasis on telling the children, and having them tell their children. It seems to have worked. We are still telling, people still know.

The generation of actual Holocaust survivors is ending. There has been some telling, but many of them did not tell....could not tell. A generation later, there are Holocaust deniers. The President of Iran is in the club too

Thankfully, this has all been studied and documented. It should NEVER be trivialized, or relegated to some "pages in history". There is one way for that not to happen. The story should be told and re-told, from generation to generation. The materials should be discussed. The applicability to modern times is "life and death" relevant.

Tomorrow - some re-telling....what I know about my mother as Holocaust escapee/survivor.

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Anonymous said...

Keen and insightful observations about the process of writing. No matter how daunting or intimidating a subject may seem if an author has a passion for it, he will rise above the discomfort an do as you did. Well done!