Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick Funny Story (Police at My Door)

Wow - I haven't blogged in awhile. That's mostly from being very busy at work. It's also because SO much is happening in the world, and I want to comment on it, but I either don't feel up to the challenge, or new things happen and make my half-composed new posting seem dated. Trust me....I want to write about the financial crisis, the election, and the second annual demise of the Mets, and I will. So, to break the ice, a quick funny (true) story...

Last Thursday night (Friday morning) at 3:15 AM, I was awakened by loud knocking at my door. Actually, the knocking did not wake me, Dovie barking like a lunatic got me up, and then I heard the loud, continuous knocking. I should have realized WHO knocks like this, but I had to ask...."Who is it?" Of course, the answer was...


My first thought was....."ditch the drugs", which only proves what I have said for years "If you woke me up suddenly and screamed in my face 'how old are you?', the answer would be '17'". I then realized that I would not need to ditch my blood pressure pills, so I said "Let me put some pants on.".....which is what people always say on "COPS".

When I opened the door there were two uniformed officers from our modern NYCPD, a chubby Jewish guy and an African-American woman. I would have preferred Officers Reed and Molloy .

I wanted to say something witty, but chickened out with "What's the problem officers?"

"We need you to move your car.", said Officer Chubby.

"I thought that spot was legal, but wouldn't a ticket have been sufficient?"

"No, no, there's a gas leak, and the fire department needs your car moved so they can check it out." said Officer Chubby's partner.

So, I took a one block ride in the back of the police car, and got to see their big computer screen with MY name and address on it. How cool is that?

When we arrived at my car there were three fire engines in the vicinity, with their lights flashing. There were 15 bored looking firemen sitting near my car. One of them said, "You have to move your car.", prompting me to say,

"Is it dangerous?"

The friendly fireman then said....."Yeah, it's about to blow, that's why we're all sitting here."

I think Officer Chubby's partner realized that although this was kinda funny, it wasn't very com-mu-ni-ty friendly, and that if I turned and walked home they'd have to arrest me (and do all kinds of paperwork), so she said,

"I'll move the car, give me the keys."

I let the firemen sit near the undangerous gas leak, and moved across the street so my car could be moved.

The Officers thanked me, and I then had to look for another parking spot. My car STUNK of gas. Question, if I had lit up a cigarette and exploded myself, would the City be liable?

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