Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 10 Memorable Events....Where Will This Rank?

I was going to post a "post-election wrap-up", but so many smart people have already said and written so much, I'll keep mine brief. I especially enjoyed Frank Rich's column in The Sunday Times .

I can't resist a few quick observations....

I thought the choice was a "no-brainer", and was horrified by the possibility of racial stupidity actually deciding it. Thankfully, we did a collective "Do The Right Thing". As an aside, if you have never seen "Do the Right Thing" rent it!! It was groundbreaking because not only did it show white racism from a black perspective, it also courageously questioned many values in the black community.

Obama has incredible energy and stamina. Looks like he took a day off and is ready to get started.

I think Obama will bring in great people. Rahm Emanuel is just a start. If you don't know much about him, check this out

As an adjunct to dealing with the economy, I think immigration will be an early prominent issue. We're gonna need more taxpayers and more participants in universal health care!!

Look for "family values" to return to national discussion. When Obama talks about it, it will have an impact. One of the best things he said during the debates was that "Parents have to take responsibility for education and turn off the TV when necessary."

This election night strikes me as one of those all time "I remember where I was" moments. Will that last? Here's my list of top 10 memorable events (Personal events not included):

10. Mookie's gound ball going through Buckner's legs.
9. Iranian hostages freed.
8. The aftermath of Kent State....I was 13 years old and pretty "conservative". When I heard people justifying the shooting of college students, I changed my world view.
7. Watching the Watergate hearings drone on, when suddenly a Nixon aide said something about tape recordings, and thinking....WOW.
6. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. A subway conductor announced it over the intercom.
5. John Lennon assassination.
4. Martin Luther King assassination.
3. Robert Kennedy assassination.
2. JFK assassination. I was in second grade. The teachers were crying.
1. 9/11

Obama's election may find a place on that list. How's your list? Will this election be on it?

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Mayet Elepano Brandwein said...

My Top 10 Most Memorable Events:
10. Mookie's ground ball going through Buckner
9, Death of Princess Diana...I was in the city dining with friends.
8. 2004 Tsunami...I was home enjoying my family.
7. 1986 Philippine Presidential Election...President Marcos was ousted by Corazon Aquino.
6. Seeing the aftermath of the Jonestown Massacre...I was 13 or 14. The pictures of mothers holding their children still haunts me to this day.
5. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster...I watched it live on television. My first thought was, "Why are they shooting fireworks at it?".
4. Collapse of U.S.S.R.
3. Reagan assassination attempt...I was 17 and a Freshman in college.
2. Apollo 11 lands on the moon...! was 5 years old and sitting on my father's lap watching the whole thing "live via satellite" (that was a very big deal in the Philippines back then).
1. 9/11