Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip to Austin.....Part 2

From the moment I booked the trip, I knew our first breakfast in Austin would be at Cisco's.  When I was in law school I once ate breakfast there 58 days in a row.  Cisco's is a bakery with a restaurant in the back, located in the "bad" part of town (now gentrified and hipster of course). They are known for their "migas" (scrambled eggs with corn chips mixed in, served with beans, sausage, salsa, and tortillas or biscuits).

Besides the food, I liked Cisco's because it had a political history.....MANY famous politicians have eaten there over the years, and there were photos and other mementos on the walls.  Also, everyone who worked there was always very nice.

Cisco's did not disappoint.  Great food, friendly service, and excellent coffee (very important).

After breakfast Rebecca spoke to her friend in Austin, whose family is close friends with my law school friend Phil Durst, who lives in Austin.  I don't want to say too much about Phil because he is modest.  OK, I'll say a little.  We became friends in law school because although he grew up in Texas, he has New York roots.  He was funny, friendly, nice, and brilliant.  And still is.  Here's a link to his law firm website  http://www.ddollaw.com/philip-durst/    Rebecca's friend mentioned something about Phil's artwork being in an Austin gallery.  I had not known anything about Phil's art, so of course I googled it, located the gallery, and put this on our agenda.  http://www.philipdurst.com/index2.php

After the gallery we took a tour of the State Capitol building.  It was a cool tour, given by a "real Texan".

OK, we didn't take the picture above, but that's how it looked from the outside, and I might add, we parked right there on the street and walked right in.  We took only one picture, from the lobby looking up at the dome....

After the tour we went back to the hotel pool to rest up for the evening's activities, including "waiting for the bats to come out at the Congress Avenue Bridge".....More on this in Trip to Austin Part 3.

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