Monday, August 13, 2012

Trip to Austin......Part 4

Saturday promised to be a busy day.  The agenda was "picnic lunch at Barton Springs" in the afternoon, then dinner at Phil Durst's house, then we were all going to the Slaid Cleaves concert.

We had passed a gigantic Whole Foods a few times.  I kind of remembered that Whole Foods originated in Austin, and a little research proved this correct.  I love doing "a little research" while on a trip.  Sometimes the cell phone can get the job done, but if not, you can't beat "internet on the computer in the hotel".  How did we ever survive in the primitive past?

It's hard to describe how big and how nice the Austin Whole Foods was.  Here's a link about it

Felicia said "This Whole Foods makes Fairway look like a bodega!"

We loaded up a fine assortment of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, cheeses, chips, and bottled water, and drove to Barton Springs.  This is a famous place in Austin, but I know many of my New York friends have never heard of it.  It's basically a natural spring that has been made into a gigantic swimming pool, in a huge beautiful park, with a big hill for sunbathing and hanging out, five or ten minutes from downtown.  I will admit, we were the oldest people there, and thinking about that, I say "GOOD".  You will sometimes see topless women there too.  (Not usually the ones you'd want to see, but hey, topless is topless).  Here's a cool link about Barton Springs from the City of Austin website.

We sat in the picnic area and ate our Whole Foods grub.

Then we found a shady spot on a hill and hung out.  It was about 95 degrees, but not too bad in the shade.

I did go swimming.  It was VERY cold, but cooled me off.  Swimming is secondary to hanging out at Barton Springs.

Another great afternoon in Austin.   Then it was back to the hotel to shower and get ready to see Slaid Cleaves.  I KNOW.....WHO????  More on that in Part 5.

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