Wednesday, May 2, 2007


After reading about all the immigration issues, proposed bills and reforms, and talking to a lot of people who know more than I do, I make the following observations:

1. Something meaningful needs to be done.

2. There are a lot of good ideas being discussed.

3. Sooner would be better than later.

4. If there were ever a situation where Congress and the President should work together in a bi-partisan fashion for the good of the country, this is it.

Now, here is a PREDICTION.........

There will not be comprehensive immigration reform, nor will there even be a viable bill presented by Congress, until 2009.

It's difficult to say, but my prediction is going to come true because the Democrats will NEVER let an immigration law get passed while Bush is President. If you read all the proposals being bantered about, from both Democrats and Republicans, it's clear there is the making for a sweeping new law that will address the present crisis. It cries out to be addressed, NOW, and for the future of our economy, our security, and our culture.

Is President Bush a belligerent jerk about most things? Surely he is. But isn't it clear that everything in the immigration realm is negotiable? Isn't it also clear that if Congress and the President WANTED to fashion a law that dealt with all the issues, they could? Would the President negotiate on the areas of disagreement on immigration? Yeah, he would. And yeah, part of the reason would be for his "legacy", as the President who passed immigration reform. It won't save him from the Iraq war legacy, and he surely knows it. So, the Democrats COULD negotiate the fine points with him and his people.

Do you think they will? Or will they windbag their way through as much rhetoric and mud as they can, and then we will all look up, the election of 2008 will have occurred, and Hillary or Edwards will be President, and then they can pass a law that suits THEM, and their proud new constituents, and they can take the credit for it.

Looking at the Democrats as a whole here and now, with a sorrowed and shameful feeling that my prediction is dead on correct, I will say to the Democrats in Congress....

If you cannot reform the immigration laws NOW......SHAME ON YOU!!!

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