Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Here are some "Why" questions. I don't claim to have the answers, though I readily admit that the nature of the questions often suggest how I feel about the topic. So, in the interest of provoking some thoughts......

WHY....do people who are "always having problems" with other people, never realize that the problem is with THEM?

WHY....are people proud of things they should be ashamed of, like "I'm computer illiterate." "I am a couch potato who only eats junk foods." and "I never vote"?

WHY....do people not attend to obvious medical problems?

WHY....do people with marital problems use their children to punish each other, rather than try to salvage the one positive thing they may have done together?

WHY....are some people not interested in anything new?

WHY....do people know in advance that they "freeze up on tests"?

WHY....would anyone not TRY to overcome certain fears (flying, dogs, public speaking)?

WHY....does anyone still smoke?

WHY....did women generally support and admire Bill Clinton more than any politician in recent memory?

WHY....are there commercials for erectile dysfunction pills during "The Wonder Years"? which leads to a related question....obviously the makers of boner pills think that middle aged people must watch the The Wonder Years, to fondly recall growing up in the 60's. WHY would it not occur to anyone that a present day young teenager might watch and enjoy The Wonder Years and all the good that's in that show? Are we that far gone????

WHY....doesn't someone stand up and say that Mayor Bloomberg is a great mayor, primarily because he is a super smart businessman, who is so rich that he is uncorruptable, and this is a good thing. There, I said it.

WHY....does having any kind of insurance not feel assuring?

WHY....are there still thousands of people who do not have EZ Pass?

WHY....in the aftermath of the Imus fiasco, will Jason Whitlock not emerge as an influential person in the African American community? If you have never seen this, check it out....

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