Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Adventures of Matt Weiner & Dovie

Sometimes you have to try something different. I have an idea for a young teen story. Since I have been accused of thinking and acting like a 13 year old, I will write in first person as 13 year old Matt Weiner. I am posting Chapter One. If anyone likes it, I'll post more....

Chapter One

I first knew that Dovie had special powers when I told Mom I didn't know who spilled the cereal in the kitchen. There was no reason for me to lie about it, but I told Mom I didn't know, even though I had just spilled it. It was stupid to deny it, since Mom wouldn't have made a big deal, and I had even started sweeping when I lied and said I hadn't spilled it.

As soon as I said it, Dovie started hitting me and barking. He does this thing where he runs towards me and then jumps and hits my legs. He's short and long at the same time, so he hits me below the knees even on his hind legs. When he barks and hits though, he means business.

Mom was laughing and said "Maybe he wants some cereal". Sometimes he does the hitting thing when he wants food, but when he does that he whines. The way he was barking was different. He was barking AT me. I said "What is it Dovie?" and he just kept barking.

Mom said "Maybe he's trying to tell us who knocked over the cereal." Dovie stopped barking and we both looked at him and laughed. I said "He knows more than me.", and he started barking at me again. I had a funny feeling and then said, "OK Mom, I confess, I knocked over the cereal. I'm sorry I lied about, I don't know why I lied, I was gonna clean it up anyway."

Mom and Dovie both got quiet. Mom said, "You know Matt, lying about small things is just a bad habit to get into." All three of us were quiet then, which is SO uncomfortable. I know that Mom does that quiet routine to make me think about things, and it kinda works, but I think she gets uncomfortable too. So then she said "I don't think Dovie likes lying either", and she laughed. I was thinking the same thing, but at that moment, it didn't seem so funny.....

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max said...

I really like the Matt Weiner idea. Let's hear more about dovie!!