Friday, June 1, 2007

Immigration Bill......I'm on the right track

Here's a link to a fascinating op-ed piece from today's Wall Street Journal

It's based on interviews with President Bush regarding the immigration bill. I realize that some of my "liberal" readers will have difficulty reading anything emanating from "that man". I would say this.....the column is impressive, and explains many of the difficulties inherent in reaching a consensus for immigration reform.

In past posts, I have stated my basic position: President Bush wants and needs to enact a comprehensive immigration reform bill, and the Democrats will never let this happen until 2009. Furthermore, the present bill is all about changing the nature of the future debate, embarrassing the right wingers, and keeping the democratic Presidential candidates (primarily Hillary and Edwards) out of the fray.

There was one section of the article that really let me know I'm on the right track. Please read the whole piece for context, but here is the section that really caught my attention:

"When I ask if Mr. Bush thinks any of the current GOP candidates are proving to be leaders on immigration, he again flips the issue around (while still managing to sneak in one candidate's name): "I would rather refer you to those in the Senate that are doing a standup job. Of course, that would be Jon Kyl and Lindsey Graham and [Mel] Martinez--I hate to name them because I'll leave somebody out--John McCain has been very strong in the Senate, Ted Kennedy." He goes on to praise Mr. Kennedy, noting that an "untold" story is just how many Democrats are against this bill, and that Mr. Kennedy's leadership will thus be necessary to get a bill through the Senate. "

Yes, that is the "untold" story, because this bill is way too stringent for most Democrats, and there will not be any "leadership" from Senator Kennedy to get it throught the Senate. Neither Senator Kennedy nor any other Democrats have any intention of passing this bill, and that is the REAL story.

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